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Monday, 23.07.2018, 9:55 AM
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"Nindati candana... vise lina he."

In the dark night of separation, Radha lies dejected. Fearing the arrows of Kama, the god of love. The sakhi says: 
"The moon beams burn and scorch her
So also the cool sandal wood,
The touch of the soft mountain breeze
Seeping through sandal wood forests,
Seems to her the venom of poisonous serpents.
And Radha clings to Madhava in her fancy.
Fearing the arrows of love,
She lies dejected by your desertion."

The artist conjures up an impressive picture of the night with the moon shining calmly and Radha sitting distraught. A sakhi grinds sandal paste, another holds a light, and a third extends her arms in concern. Kama, the god of love, hidden in trees darts his arrows at Radha. All the lines and colors focus atteneion on the figure of Radha who, sits tense, looking at the moon and the god of love. Trees with no details of foliage sway and bend with the breeze which emerges from the mountains in the background. The direction of the breeze, the moonbeams, and the moonlight of the horizon are all concisely and effectively suggested. Radha sits on a platform, with railing and not in a bower. The spatial area of Radha is a beautiful self contained painting with a delicate use of soft brush strokes and flowing lines. 
The artist executes each single detail - shadows, reflections, outlines, and blurred areas with meticulous care. The distant mountain divides the painting into two halves. No winds blow on Krsna's half of the painting. Vegetation is still and calm, the grove heavy and thick, and Krsna reflective and static. The two figures are splendid studies in contrast. In a painting such as this, the artist exhibits a poetic and pictorial command which testifies to his creative genius.

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