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Monday, 23.07.2018, 4:34 AM
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"Sri Jayadeva... re vise."

"More beautiful than any necklace of gems
More lovely than the loveliest of lovely ones
Is this song of Sri Krsna Sung by the poet Jayadeva
Oh may this song ever adorn the throats
Of those that sing their hearts to Hari."

The artist faithfully adheres to the description. Radha holds the necklace significantly, a sakhi is about to clap, Hari sits in the bower opposite, Hari, the slayer of Madhu, is absent. In the middle, space is divided through the outline of a curvilinear hillock. In the foreground Jayadeva sings his song, and in the background this song of Hari is in the throats of the devout. Two men in interesting headgears sing and clap. Two women accompany them and one plays a mrdanga. Their faces are distinctive. The noses of the women are sharper, their figures beautifully proportionate and taut. The motif of the necklace or the chain is also repeated in the design of the foliage of the tree closest to the sakhi. The composition is harmonious and well balanced.

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