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Monday, 23.07.2018, 10:18 AM
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"Madhumudita... jugata hai."

Jayadeva carries his readers from the movements of the gusting winds to the buzzing of humming bees. The repetition of the word 'madhu' and the alliteration of ka produces an overpowering impression of swarm of bees. The sakhi continues: 
"The bees sing, murmur, hum, grow honey drunk,
and create a clamour within and without
that blossomed entangled home."

The artist portrays a rich lush vegetation. Trees surround each of the four bowers. There are new leaves and shoots. Decorative floral designs are sprinkled all over the arched bowers and the bank of the Jamuna. The Hindi version mentions the swarm of bees (bhramara samuha). The artist was undoubtedly acquainted with the text but chose not to include them in the paimting. The lotus bud which Krsna holds in his hand is suggestive - so also are the two bees on the empty bed.

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