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Monday, 23.07.2018, 10:24 AM
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"Sri Jayadeva... jani re vise."
"Each verse of Jayadeva's song
echoes the delight of Mura's foe.
Let emotions rise to a joyful mood of love
in men of taste."

The Hindi translation faithfully follows the original. The artist is guided bv the translation. The pictorial space is divided into many sections and there is a dexterous use of planes. There are two bowers - both placed in one half of the painting. In the first Radha and Krsna sit facing each other. Radha holds the end of her veil and her expression denotes a certain coyness. A sakhi stands outside. Kamadeva holds a bow and is about to shoot his arrows. He is seated on the branches of a tree. The second bower is empty with ritual objects neatly spread out. In the foreground of the second bower is a banana tree, significantly in fruit. 
The second half of the painting is divided into two sections. These illustrate the phrases 'the song of Jayadeva' and, 'may it arouse the joyful mood of love.' In the upper register are two scenes, one of a couple with a child, delighting in the song of Jayadeva and another couple also seemingly reciting the verses of Jayadeva. In the lower register against the background of a hillock, Jayadeva and his companions are seated on a platform. Jayadeva and one other poet hold a book. The phrase 'each verse' is pictorially represented. The painting is constructed by taking each phrase of the verse and rendering it in a different pictorial area. The tree on which Kamadeva is seated is distinctive and the banana tree is very decorative. 

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