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Meera bai was one of the saints at the time of Akbar . She belonged to a rajpoot family of Rajsthan but she was a Krishna lover since childhood so never followed the rituals to live a life of queen . She had been always discarded by the society just because of her neutral behaviour towards all individuals in the society .But finally people realized that she has reached upto such a position that is beyond the reach of these physical eyes .

One of the most famous story that I have heard about her is something like this :

Once she went to the saint Raidas to make him her Teacher . When Raidas met her he said "Meera , you are a queen and you can not stay here because it is not according to our customs .Women should not stay in a " Gurukul " because it is only a place for the men ". She asked who is the man here ? Everyone was surprized to hear this .Then Raidas asked her so what these people around you are ..? she innocently said that they are all like me . They all have lord sitting inside them as I do .Then what is differecne between me and all .The only man I know in this universe is my Lord . At this Raidas was surprized to see her pure soul and said that I accept you as my deciple . You are free to come here whenever you want .

How this lady saint felt and produced by the feelings of her heart for her Lord "whom she supposed to be her's only husband since childhood " we can see in her creations .... those precious songs that she used to play on ektara wandering here and there .

Meera's songs are in a simple form called a ch' (verse), a term used for a small spiritual song, usually composed in simple rhythms with a repeating refrain, collected in her Padavali. The extant versions are in a Rajasthani and Braj, a dialect of Hindi spoken in and around Vrindavan (the childhood home of Krishna), sometimes mixed with Rajasthani.

That dark dweller in Braj
Is my only refuge.
O my companion, worldly comfort is illusion,
As soon you get it, it goes.
I have chosen the indestructible for my refuge,
Him whom the snake of death will not devour.
My beloved dwells in my heart all day,
I have actually seen that abode of joy.
Meera's lord is Hari, the indestructible.
My lord, I have taken refuge with you, your maidservant
Although Meera is often classed with the northern Sant bhaktis who spoke of a formless divinity, there is no doubt that she presents Krishna as the historical master of the Bhagavad Gita who is, even so, the perfect Avatar of the eternal, who is omnipresent but particularly focused in his icon and his temple. She speaks of a personal relationship with Krishna as her lover, lord and master. The characteristic of her poetry is complete surrender. Her longing for union with Krishna is predominant in her poetry: she wants to be "coloured with the colour of dusk" (the symbolic colour of Krishna).Her style of literature is mainly Rajasthani mixed with Brij language. But one can also see a hint of Gujarati as well as Punjabi in her writings.

Her noted songs include, Hari Tuma Haro, also sung by M S Subbulakshmi and Sanson ki Mala Pe sang as a qawwali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Composition of Meerabai :

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MS Subbulakshmi in Meerabai - Full Movie

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