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Monday, 23.07.2018, 4:49 AM
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"Bhrupallava... Radha re sarira re visemelpa hein."

In four preceding verses the poet addressed the god of love and Radha separately. In this verse he comingles them. Now the limbs of Radha are the implements of the god of love. Her arched brow is his bow, her twinkling glances his arrows, her earlobes his bowstring. His weapons are guarded by her, who is the living goddess of love's triumph. The three realms of the universe are vanquished by her. 
This involved poetry is translated into pictorial terms in a challenging manner. The figure of Radha is not repeated. Kama is seen instead as many as five times in the painting. Radha and her sakhi are seen as the pictorial refrain. Radha is seen a second time with Kama. He is as if handing over all his weapons to her. A lotus is prominently featured thus establishing her form. Below, Krsna sits in the arched bower with another Kama standing before Him with folded hands. Dense foliage of trees surrounds the bower. 

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