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Wednesday, 21.03.2018, 1:43 PM
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"Anilatarala... bhagavana prate ja."

The sakhi asks Radha to make haste - quicken her pace, for Madhava waits for her. When the wind blows through the mass of leaves of trees - the thickly clustered creepers, it is as if a hand is waving out to Radha beckoning her to hurry. 
The artist grasps the central image of the wind blowing through the leaves of trees, and the cluster of vines. While Radha and the sakhi, Madhu's slayer, and Madhava waiting for Radha are all repeated; the trees and the foliage are distinctive. A strong wind is blowing through them and they all lean towards Radha. The two arched bowers are pleasingly balanced and space is harmoniously divided. 

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