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50. Nagarajan Swaminathan [naga]  (08.08.2013 5:35 PM)
Dear sir,  

               I am experiencing  very difficult to download the songs from this website. Please arrange for easy downloading method.

with regards,

49. R MURALIDHAREN   (21.07.2013 10:08 AM)

I am one of your fans of this site and enjoying your excellent service.

I have one issue when downloading is that if there could be in every musician link a bulk downloading facility where by with one click entire artist collection can be downloaded.

Downloading one by one link becomes cumbersome.

Hope you would consider this request.

Answer: Thanks for your comments. I am planning to give soon...

48. P A Krishnan   (05.07.2013 8:41 PM)
Thanks CVN. Exemplary work. I wish to bring to your kind attention that I am not able to download part 10 of Sri Suktham -discourse by Ri.Velukkudi Krishnan.

P A Krishnan

47. M Subramanian   (28.06.2013 8:41 AM)
Fabulous work and amazing collection of Great Music and wonderful discourses .

Many thanks for all your efforts


Answer: Thanks a lot.., keep enjoying with us.....

46. Kumbakonam Swaminathan [KumbamSwamy]  (14.06.2013 2:24 PM)
Dear Venkat Sir,
Your music service is really good and very useful to Rasikas and music.
we wish you to do this job as much more best.

Ofcourse!! NADHAM will save and bless you!!

My best wishes to do your nadhopasana!!

Answer: Thanks a lot.., keep enjoying with us.....

45. SRINIVAS SARMA SIRIPURAM   (14.06.2013 10:44 AM)
This is site is very useful to the Carnatic music lovers.

You are doing a good job. Thank You
Answer: Thank you very much sir for your comments., keep enjoying with us.

44. SRINIVAS SARMA SIRIPURAM   (14.06.2013 10:40 AM)
This site is very useful to Carnatic music lovers. Really you are doing a great job.

43. chandrasesh53 sesh [sampath]  (13.06.2013 1:55 PM)
Dear Sir,
 iam unable to download. The down load "ICON" never appear / seen after wait
can u please guide me



42. venkateswaran ramakrishnan [VENKIRAMAPPA]  (13.06.2013 8:36 AM)
dear sir, 
While downloading  it was out Disk of Sengalipuram Anathara Dikshithar Devi Bhagavatham a corrupted one.Disk 4 &5 is missing please clarify my e-mail reveaswar@yahoo.com

41. venkateswaran ramakrishnan [VENKIRAMAPPA]  (13.06.2013 8:27 AM)
dear sir,
Wle ading it s en und out isk  of anathara dikshithar evi hagavatham  a corrupted e.Disk o &5 is missing please clarify my e-mail reveaswar@yahoo.com

40. N Ramachandran   (11.06.2013 1:47 PM)
Dear Sir

Thank you very much for sending the news as well as some great exponents Music and
Kathaakalakshebam for listing in on line My your service continue for long years

Answer: Thank you very much sir for your comments., keep enjoying with us.

39. viswanathan mahadevan   (30.05.2013 3:39 PM)
My warm appreciation and grateful thanks for the service. May you go far and accomplish your purpose.

38. Srinivasan Krishnaswamy   (24.05.2013 11:57 PM)
Dear Venkat Narayanan,

So pleased to receive the "invaluable" pieces of carnatic music. I will of course download and pass on to music lovers. Thank you and with best wishes. S.Krishnaswamy

37. Ramamoorthy Srinivasan   (24.05.2013 11:56 PM)
Thank you very much for your great efforts in promoting carnatic music to the parties interested.

36. mohan sharma   (24.05.2013 11:55 PM)
Congrats on your timely noble initiative. However starlwarts like MDR, Semmangudi, GNB, MS & MLV are conspicuously missing. Hope you will amend. MOHAN SHARMA ( Actor & Filmmaker )

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