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Learn Carnatic Music :

Beginners' Lesson 1 - Sarali varisai

Sarali varisai are the fundamental sequences. They allow you to get a feel for the melody and the rhythm. The sequences follow a logical order - ascending and descending, up to the 7th varisai. The last 3 exercises help you move smoothly up and down the scale. Concentrate on getting the notes right, then add taaLa. Then, learn to sing the lesson in four speeds. Finally, sing all the notes in akaaram, singing only aaa... More  »

Beginners' Lesson 2 - JanTai varisai

JanTai varisai are the second lessons, which involve double and triples of a single swara. These should be sung with force and emphasis from the first note to the second: sa sa ri ri ga ga etc.... The use of one plain note followed by a forceful one is a type of gamaka called spuritam. Practice emphasizing the second note and avoid singing both notes in a plain manner. When you have two notes, emphasize the second. When there are triples of notes (s s s) emphasize the second note as well. When you have mastered this, learn to sing the lesson in four speeds, with taaLam. Finally, sing all the notes in akaaram, singing only aaa...  More  » 

Beginners' Lesson 3 - DaaTu varisai

DaaTu varisai are sequences in which the notes "jump" up and down. These exercises help you hit notes no matter what their sequence. These zigzag sequences are more difficult but can be learned with practice. When you have command over them, learn to sing the notes in four speeds (with taaLam) and in akaaram, singing only aaa...  More  » 

Beginners' Lessons - Geetams

Geetams are the simplest of Carnatic music forms, combining melody, taaLa, and lyrics. They were created by Purandara Daasa. Composed in the first or second speed and usually with common taaLams, there are two main types of geetam: samanya and lakshana. Start by singing the swaras, then add the lyrics. When you are comfortable with these, you can add taaLam.  More  » 

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