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Jayadeva Ashtapathi 12:

#12 नाथ हरे (Natha hare or Pashyati Dishi Dishi)

Alternate names

Naatha hare, Nata hare, Naata hare
Pasyati disi disi, Pashyathi dishi dishi


SlOkamadhatAngamtu maSaktAm chira manu raktAm latA gruhe drushTvA
tachcharitam gOvindE manasija mandE sakhee prAha ||
Then Radha's companion went to Krishna who was intoxicated in love for Radha to tell him about the similar state of Radha.
C 1paSyati diSi diSi rahasi bhavantam
tvadadhara madhura madhu ni pibantam
nAdha harE jagannAdha harE
seedati rAdhA vAsa gruhE ||nAdha||
Oh lord of the world, Oh Hari, Radha is looking all around for you. She is distressed to notice you enjoying nectar-like kisses with other Gopikas. She is very sad in her cottage.
C 2tvadabhisaraNa rabhasEna valantee
patita padAni kiyanti chalantee||nAdha||
She is very excited to meet you. She is walking confusedly with faltering steps.
C 3vihita viSada bisa kisalaya valaya
jeevati paramiha tava rati kalayA||nAdha||
Radha is tying fresh lotus stems on her wrists to soothe herself. She is living only to have union with you.
C 4muhuravalOkita manDana leelA
madhuripu rahamiti bhAvana SeelA||nAdha ||
Decorating herself again and again , she would sportively imagine that she herself is Krishna.
C 5tvarita mupaiti nakadhA mabhisAram
hari riti vadati sakhee manu vAram||nAdha||
Radha is asking her friend again and again why you have been delaying to meet her at your rendezvous.
C 6Slishyati chumbati jaladhara kalpam
harirupagata iti timira manalpam||nAdha||
Radha is crazily imagining that you are embracing and kissing her.
C 7bhavati vilambini vigaLita lajjA
vilapati rOditi vAsaka sajjA||nAdha||
Oh Krishna, Radha is eagerly waiting on her bed. She lost shyness and is weeping for you.
C 8Sree jayadEva kavErida muditam
rasika janam tanutam atimuditam||nAdha||
Poet Jayadeva describes the love of Radha and Krishna sweetly. Let connoisseurs of arts and love enjoy the bliss of divine love.
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